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About the Hotel

Globally to have an opportunity to enjoy on the sides of the ocean is a dream come true for anyone. To have the same feeling, we welcome you our small heaven of "Hotel Princess Park" at Devka Beach, Nani Daman. located merely 150km away from Borivali, Mumbai - Daman being one of the Union Territories of India, you have an easy access, to the location through the Mumbai - Ahmedabad National Highway no.8, via Vapi by road and railway. Daman - a quaint twin-town - in part, still in its Portuguese colonial past is an ideal location at the northern end of the shores of Devka beach surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful Arabian Sea, and has a lot to offer its tourists.

Since Inception, our core focus has been to provide our guests with the finest facilities in all parts. We offer space to regular domestic and international tourists, meetings and delegations and regular concerts and events. We also provide destination wedding arrangements and spaces.

In the heart of globalization, Hotel Princess Park has a regular visit from individuals and families across Globe. We understand the requirements, henceforth, we are providing all types of individual rooms, Premium deluxe, and 2, 4 ,6 - Bed facilities.

"Hotel Princess Park" has all the facilities and luxury under one roof. The only hotel with unlimited facilities in Daman.